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If you have been selected for membership, you will be participating in the following key steps to complete your enrollment in LOG-NET.


Step Description Requirements
1) Enroll

Establish a membership account with LOG-NET. This will enable you to send and receive data to the LOG-NET system as electronic data interchange (EDI) or web forms.


Your membership will enable you to interact with any active users in the LOG-NET system that you obtain permission to trade data with.


  • Complete and submit a LOG-NET Membership Agreement.
  • Obtain a membership agreement by e-mailing
2) Complete an Interchange Addendum. An Interchange Addendum is an addendum to the Membership Agreement. This form is signed for a particular transaction and trading partner. It provides the method, format and requirements to interface a specific transaction with a specific trading partner in the LOG-NET platform.
  • Request an Interchange Addendum from the membership e-mail address. This must specify the trading partner and your role with that trading partner.
  • After submitting the completed form LOG-NET will alert the trading partner and await their acceptance of the integration.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of the integration, the specifications for the integration and a testing schedule to complete the integration.
3) Obtain certification of the interchange requirements

You will receive a five day window for testing your interchange process. Upon successful completion of this interchange certification you will be placed in production. The certification requires the ability to process;

  1. A specified set of transactions
  2. A volume set of transactions
  3. Replace and/or update transactions
  • Send a set of transactions that represent your implementation of the LOG-NET specification.
  • Send a larger volume of transactions of this type representing production volumes.
  • Send replacement/update and delete transactions.


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